Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boys will be boys!

Well I made it almost 4 years before Corbin became curious with the clippers. We had just gotten home from the gym and it was pretty late. We were getting ready to put the boys to bed when Corbin randomlly walked into the bathroom and came back out. I didn't hear him flush the toilet so I asked him what he was doing in there. He said nothing. As he got closer to me this is what I saw.
I suprisingly started laughing so hard. He looked so funny and he did it like it was nothing to him and it something he does everyday. He didn't even think twice about doing it. I laughed so hard it took me a few minutes to actually sit him down and tell him it was not ok. He was so confused why it was so bad what he did, but once I told him we had to cut his hair off he quickly realized why. He was so upset that we had to buzz the rest off, he cried. The only way I could make him feel better was to tell him he had a hair cut like Airbender. The bad thing about what he did was that he used the clippers with no number on it so it was a straight buzz. Luckly I was able to use a #1 on it so it wasn't completely bald! I hate his hair buzzed, but thank goodness he isn't a girl!
I wanted to post a few videos of the boys and the fun things they do.
The first video is of Corbin and Peyton playing out side. We love the summer time because we get to sit out back and let the boys play and we play along with them sometimes but mostly we watch them and enjoy this time where they actually get along and play with each other. I always say how good of a big brother Corbin is to Peyton and this is a little glimps of it.

This second video is of Peyton. One thing that my boys and I love to do is sing and dance along to music while in the car (one of my most favorite things I do with my boys) So doing this we have our favorite songs that we turn the music up extra loud on. One of our favorites is "Oh My Gosh" by Usher. It started out as Corbins Favorite because its an easy song to remember. One day we realized Peyton started singing along to it also. Now all we have to do is sing it to him and he will sing it back. So this is him singing the song.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1 Year Old!

My litte baby is not a baby anymore =( The past year went by so fast, I was seriously so sad on his Birthday. I felt like it took Corbin forever to turn one, but with Peyton I couldn't keep up.

Peyton has been so much fun in our lives and such a blessing in more ways then one. He is really starting to get his own personality and is so different than I thought he would be. I figured he would be alot like Corbin and boy was I wrong!

Corbin was/is shy around new people.
Peyton is very friendly and loves to walk up to any random person.

Corbin is very snuggley and kind hearted. He feels so guilty if he hurts anyone.
Peyton is agressive and hates to snuggle. He always picks on Corbin. He is also very aware that he is the baby and he can always get whatever he wants.

Corbin is a HUGE mommas boy!
Peyton is a HUGE daddys boy!

Corbin is very uncoordinated.
Peyton is suprisingly very coordinated.

Corbin is alot like his mom, personality and looks.
Peyton we are still unsure of, but he looks like his daddy and has his grandpa's height.

They are both so cute and I love how different they are. I cant wait to see how much more Peyton's personality changes, even just over the next couple months.

Some of Peyton's favorite things right now...

Unfotunelty he still loves his bottles. We are working on gettin him on a sippy cup only.

Whole Milk (No more formula!)

Grandma & Grandpa
(They will never let me get a good pic of them)

His Big Brother

He love pushing around and playing with big trucks.

Peyton's FAVORITE WORDS are Momma, Dadda, Cheese, No, Kitty, and his most favorite is HI!

This is my favorite picture of Peyton. He was about 2 weeks old.

I love you Baby! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No More Ear Infections!

My little Peyton got tubes in his ears today! I am so happy and relieved we finally got them in. He has had 7 ear infections in 11 months. The doctor made us wait until he had 6 within a year, but while we were waitining for the surgery he got his 7th. He gets so grumpy when he gets the infections and looks so miserable. It'll be nice to see him back to him self and a happy baby again.

We took him in this morning at 8:30 to have the tubes put in. They said he couldn't eat after midnight, but because he wasn't feeling good he hadn't had anything to eat since 3:00 the previous day. He was super hungry this morning and so awnry and just our luck the doctor was running late so he was struggling! Once they finally took us back Peyton got really calm and let the doctors do what they wanted. Which was really weird because he HATES doctors. He freaks out anytime one comes near him. So we were all shocked. Once they were ready to take him back Peyton still stayed calm and we watched them take him down the hall and he was still very well behaved. It made it alot easier on me to give him up. Then 15 min later then told us he was done. They warned us that after kids wake up they are super mad and usually cry for a while because of the meds they give them to go to sleep, so they told us to be prepared to not be able to calm him down right away. When they brought him to us they told us we were lucky and they were surprised because he didn't cry at all. They said this was very uncommon. Even as we sat there he still did not cry. He did flip out once when he saw someone with a drink so we gave him his sippy cup and he was good. He was chocking himself because he was so hungry and he was drinking so fast, but once he was done he fell right back asleep. He has been in a great mood since and like the doctors said, he would act like nothing ever happened.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This is just a short video, but Peyton is just getting more fun everyday. I pulled out the camera to take a picture of him doing something and he started saying cheese, so I thought that was cuter than the picture I was trying to take. He doesn't say alot of words, but he has a few. He says... Hi, Kitty, Bye Bye, and now Cheese.

Fun at the Cabin

My sister in-law invited us to go up to their cabin with them this weekend. We always love going up there with them and it has been a couple years so of course we wanted to go. We only went up for a night, but we still had fun. We hung out, rode 4 wheelers, roasted marshmellows and played games. Thanks Bonnie and Adam for inviting us!
Peyton playing in the sand
Corbin Just Chillin
Patrick, Bonnie, Peyton, and Camden sitting by the fire
Poor Peyton, fell asleep on our 4 wheeler ride
Cute deer we saw while out on a ride

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I LOVE 4th of July!!!!

I love the 4th of July so much! It is my favorite holiday! I love to go to the parades, walk around the park and see all the booths and stuff going on, and sit at the park for hours waiting for the fireworks. I love the enviroment of it all. Tiff and I usually like to get all sported out in red, white, and blue. Tiff gets to have a little more fun with it because she has girls she can paint nails and put bows in their hair, but I definatly do all I can do to the boys to make them look patreotic. We had alot of fun this year and kinda got two 4th of July's this year. Clearfield did all their stuff on Saturday and Layton did their stuff on Monday. We went to both parks for fireworks. We just hung out, had pizza, played games, and talked. My favorite game we played was I spy. Who knew that game could be so fun, but when there is a ton of people everywhere you have alot to chose from! Peyton did really well with the fire works. I was affraid he would flip becaues he hates loud noises, but he stayed pretty calm. Pat did say that he had a pretty tight grip on his hand, but other then that he did great! It was a great 4th of July! I cant wait until next year!
My boys ready for the 4th!

Just hanging out
Everyone Watching the Fireworks

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!!

July 2 was my Birthday and the past couple years haven't been the best Birthdays so I was kinda nervous for this one. No one was pregnant this year so that was great! I was pretty sick though so I didn't have as much energy as I wanted. My work celebrated my Birthday the day before because I was taking half the day off on my Birthday. I wasn't feeling good that day either so I looked like crap. Normally on our last break of the day, our team gathers around and sings Happy Birthday and we have cake. So on the last break they all gathered around and the next thing I know, I am being attacked by 3 or 4 cans of silly string. I yelled "Are you kidding me right now" and tried to hide, but clearly that didn't work. The whole billing center ended up coming back to see what was going on. It was a nice, fun suprise. Then Friday for my Birthday, We went shopping, let the kids play in the water, out to dinner at Iggy's, and to a drive in. It was a very relax and chill day. It was perfect!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 1/2 Hour Flight to Nebraska

Pat got asked to fly a Sessna 172 out to Kearney Nebraska. He has taken planes to Arizona before, but this flight was the longest he has been on. We randomly decided to have me go and everything fell into place to have me go. The guy he was flying the plane out there for, had just bought the plane. When he found out I was coming along he offered to pay for my plane ticket home as well as our hotel room for the night. He was already going to pay for Pat's plane ticket so we were way excited to know we were going to have a free trip. Once we got there he also gave us $200 to go out with and gave us a car to drive around in. He totally hooked us up and took care of us. We had so much fun and felt so spoiled!

We Got pretty bored after a while.
This is flying over Nebraka. As you can see there was ALOT to look at. =)I started to miss the mountains. There was NOTHING to look at!This was our plane on the way home. We flew on a Beach 1900D. He carried 19 passengers and on our flight there was only a total of 4. It was interesting. It was a nice little get away, but I doubt I will do it again. Atleast not that far. I got pretty sick. The head sets squeeze your head so I got a bad head ache and the turbulence made me very nausious.

Monday, May 24, 2010

9 Months Old!

My little Baby is 9 months old! Next Check up he will be 1 years old. =( We took him to the doctor today for his check up (I waited a few days because I hate taking them by myself, I am a wimp!) He is doing really well and the Doc says he's ahead of the game. My crazy kid is walking already... He doesn't walk by choice, but he will walk from one person to the next about 6-7 steps now! He also has lots of teeth, well soon to be lots of teeth. They are in the process. He has 4 on the bottom and the doc said he can see his top 4 trying to come in (I am going to have my hands full over the next few weeks, until they break) He loves real food. I try to fead him baby food, but if he sees us eating, he wants our food and wont touch the baby food. I can only get him to eat baby food if he's eating alone. He also likes drinking out of Sippy Cups. He wants to be such a big boy and I want him to stay my little boy! He also likes to rough house with his big brother. Sometimes I can be a over protective mom and I tell Corbin to be soft, but Peyton can take it and he can defiantly dish it! They love playing with each other. The other day, I found both them out side trying to pick up a Potato Bug. You can only imagine how well that went over with me, but they thought it was funny and pretty cool. They are great buds! I love it!

Height 29.5 in - 90th%
Weight 18.15lb -40th%
Head 18.3 in - 75th%
We Love how tall he is!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am crazy bored right now. Its Sunday and both boys are down for a nap and Patrick has been out on a flight for 9 1/2 hours. This is pretty much my life now a days. Patrick has been so busy with his jobs, its sad to say I am feeling a little neglected. This is Patrick's day... Monday through Friday he wakes up at 3:30 in the morning and heads to Salt Lake to work for Ameriflight (lineworker) He gets off from there anywhere between 9-11. From there he has 2 day students. He usually flys with both of them, which makes him finish up around 3:30-4. After that he has 2 evening people that he trys to switch up with every other day. He finishes up with the evening person around 7:00. He comes home, eats left over dinner sitting at the table waiting for him, showers, schedules his flights for the next day and trys to be in bed by 9:00 so he can start all over again at 3:30 in the morning. Then Every other Friday he works a double at Ameriflight so he can have every other Saturday off. You are probably thinking... Ok so she gets to see him every other Saturday. NOPE! He takes that Saturday and flys with his weekend students that also sometimes occupy him on Sundays. So tell me... Where do you think he can find time for me? Sniff Sniff... Its a sad story I know! ;-) Anyways, Thanks goodness I have a good relationship with my family. These are pictures of us hanging out, waiting for Grandma to pick us up to go shopping. I guess if Patrick is working so much, we can spare alittle bit of money for me to go shopping so I am not so board!

I can never get Peyton to take a Picture with me like this. Peyton is not photogenic at ALL!! Thats very hard for me as a mother and a photographer.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Imma Be

We have been trying to teach Peyton how to dance and this is Corbin's favorite song so we listen to it all the time and just one day while playing the song, Peyton decided to get into it! Pat stopped the music for some reason other wise I am sure he would have kept going. Ha ha... SOOOO.... CUTE!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have absolutely nothing to post about. Nothing has happend for a while which I am ok with. I want a nice break from the crazy life so I can take a minute and enjoy life and my boys. Here is an updated picture of them. I have been very bad with a camera so I dont have many pictures. I need to be better at that.

Peyton got this toy from the easter bunny. He loves walking with it too.

Peyton is such a big kid. Poor Corbin, Peyton will be bigger then him someday. They love each other though!

Peyton is a little scardy cat. He hates when you make grawling noises at him. This is the face he makes. Its so sad but SOOOO funny!

Corbin and I are great buds! He is so sweet to his mommy and very protective. He makes me feel like a good mom.

I can't believe how big Corbin is getting. He makes me laugh everyday.

My little man is getting big also! He LOVES bath time now. Him and Corbin are my little fishes.