Sunday, August 22, 2010

1 Year Old!

My litte baby is not a baby anymore =( The past year went by so fast, I was seriously so sad on his Birthday. I felt like it took Corbin forever to turn one, but with Peyton I couldn't keep up.

Peyton has been so much fun in our lives and such a blessing in more ways then one. He is really starting to get his own personality and is so different than I thought he would be. I figured he would be alot like Corbin and boy was I wrong!

Corbin was/is shy around new people.
Peyton is very friendly and loves to walk up to any random person.

Corbin is very snuggley and kind hearted. He feels so guilty if he hurts anyone.
Peyton is agressive and hates to snuggle. He always picks on Corbin. He is also very aware that he is the baby and he can always get whatever he wants.

Corbin is a HUGE mommas boy!
Peyton is a HUGE daddys boy!

Corbin is very uncoordinated.
Peyton is suprisingly very coordinated.

Corbin is alot like his mom, personality and looks.
Peyton we are still unsure of, but he looks like his daddy and has his grandpa's height.

They are both so cute and I love how different they are. I cant wait to see how much more Peyton's personality changes, even just over the next couple months.

Some of Peyton's favorite things right now...

Unfotunelty he still loves his bottles. We are working on gettin him on a sippy cup only.

Whole Milk (No more formula!)

Grandma & Grandpa
(They will never let me get a good pic of them)

His Big Brother

He love pushing around and playing with big trucks.

Peyton's FAVORITE WORDS are Momma, Dadda, Cheese, No, Kitty, and his most favorite is HI!

This is my favorite picture of Peyton. He was about 2 weeks old.

I love you Baby! Happy Birthday!