Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boys will be boys!

Well I made it almost 4 years before Corbin became curious with the clippers. We had just gotten home from the gym and it was pretty late. We were getting ready to put the boys to bed when Corbin randomlly walked into the bathroom and came back out. I didn't hear him flush the toilet so I asked him what he was doing in there. He said nothing. As he got closer to me this is what I saw.
I suprisingly started laughing so hard. He looked so funny and he did it like it was nothing to him and it something he does everyday. He didn't even think twice about doing it. I laughed so hard it took me a few minutes to actually sit him down and tell him it was not ok. He was so confused why it was so bad what he did, but once I told him we had to cut his hair off he quickly realized why. He was so upset that we had to buzz the rest off, he cried. The only way I could make him feel better was to tell him he had a hair cut like Airbender. The bad thing about what he did was that he used the clippers with no number on it so it was a straight buzz. Luckly I was able to use a #1 on it so it wasn't completely bald! I hate his hair buzzed, but thank goodness he isn't a girl!
I wanted to post a few videos of the boys and the fun things they do.
The first video is of Corbin and Peyton playing out side. We love the summer time because we get to sit out back and let the boys play and we play along with them sometimes but mostly we watch them and enjoy this time where they actually get along and play with each other. I always say how good of a big brother Corbin is to Peyton and this is a little glimps of it.

This second video is of Peyton. One thing that my boys and I love to do is sing and dance along to music while in the car (one of my most favorite things I do with my boys) So doing this we have our favorite songs that we turn the music up extra loud on. One of our favorites is "Oh My Gosh" by Usher. It started out as Corbins Favorite because its an easy song to remember. One day we realized Peyton started singing along to it also. Now all we have to do is sing it to him and he will sing it back. So this is him singing the song.

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