Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have absolutely nothing to post about. Nothing has happend for a while which I am ok with. I want a nice break from the crazy life so I can take a minute and enjoy life and my boys. Here is an updated picture of them. I have been very bad with a camera so I dont have many pictures. I need to be better at that.

Peyton got this toy from the easter bunny. He loves walking with it too.

Peyton is such a big kid. Poor Corbin, Peyton will be bigger then him someday. They love each other though!

Peyton is a little scardy cat. He hates when you make grawling noises at him. This is the face he makes. Its so sad but SOOOO funny!

Corbin and I are great buds! He is so sweet to his mommy and very protective. He makes me feel like a good mom.

I can't believe how big Corbin is getting. He makes me laugh everyday.

My little man is getting big also! He LOVES bath time now. Him and Corbin are my little fishes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Only Puppies Pee Outside!

I wanted to post a little about Corbin because he has just been so funny lately. This isn't the most current picture of him and you have probably already seen it but I still thought it was so cute so I wanted to use it.
Corbin is really learning alot right now and has so many stories to tell about what he learns. He says the funniest things sometimes too. I wanted to post about this one story because it was just so innocent and I couldn't help but laugh and not bet mad at him.
Yesterday we were over haning out at Tiffany's house, when Katelynn comes running in saying Corbin is peeing outside. I wasn't sure if I should believe her because she said she just saw water coming down. Patrick and I went outside and immediatly asked him if he had peed and Corbin said "Yep!" Patrick then kneeled down and looked at Corbin and said "Corbin boys dont pee out side" Corbin then looked at him with his big beautiful brown eyes and said "Only puppies pee outside?" We both just started laughing and said "Yes, only puppies pee outside". He just seemed so innocent and seemed like he was sincerly taking in what we had said. We have had many moments like this with him lately as we are trying to teach him right from wrong and not to lie and things he can and can not do. He is a funny kid!