Friday, March 26, 2010

A few New Posts

Well, sorry its been a while. Things have been pretty busy. We have been enjoying the nice weather and doing lots of things as a family. I am super excited for summer time to come and have high hope this summer will be great considering I am not pregnant this year! I figure I should maybe update a little on whats been going on with the Perssons. I am still at my lame job but looking to find a new one so when I am ever on the computer I am searching hard for something else. Patrick has been trying to fly ALOT so he can build his hours quicker because he is trying to get on as a First Officer at the company he is working for as a line worker. He is so close to having the requirments they want. Just last weekend he had the chance to fly a guy and his wife down to Arizona. They paid for everything... food, hotel, the entire flight and even paid him hourly per fligth hour. He was able to get 8 hours just in that one trip! We just cant wait for him to reach what he needs to to finally have all the hard work paid off. Corbin is such a big boy now! He is seriously one of the sweetest kids I know and I am not just saying that because he is mine. He is so polite, he is such a good big brother and very protectuve over his brother. He does not like to go any where with out him. He offers to help me do dishes and laundry. He always defends me when someone makes me cry and he also says ok if I ever tell him no. I dont know how he got this way, but I am so thankful! I love him like crazy! Peyton on the other hand is a terd. He use to be a chill baby but now he is moble and very alert to everything going on. He wants to be apart of everything! He seriously thinks he is the same age as Corbin! He wants to eat people food not baby food, he wants to walk, talk, and play like a 3 year old. Him and Corbin can always get each other laughing when they wrestle with each other. They are such good buds! Peyton isn't the best sleeper at night and that is really hard for me. I dont get much help because Pat wakes up at 3am everyday to go to work. For some reason Peyt thinks he is ok having a bottle every 4 or 5 hours durning the day but every 2 to 3 hours during the night. Not sure how to fix this. Peyton is such a people person and never wants to be left alone EVER! Its crazy how different him and Corbin are. Either way I love them both and cant get enough of them. I have been crazy blessed with an amazing family! That is about it, that is going on for now. I posted a few posts below of some of the things we have been up to.

Family night at the Boondocks

For family night one Monday we decided to take trip to the Boondocks! We had so much fun and it was just another thing that we were able to do just us as a little family. This place is new and it has lots of fun things to do. It has an out side where you can mini golf, bumper boats, go-cart race, and other things. Inside they have arcades, food, laser tag, and bowling. For our first trip there we let Pat take Corbin on a go-cart ride. Pat said he was just very chill and not sure what to do or say so he kinda just sat there. After that we played some arcades, Corbins favorite was the motorcycle. Pat's favorite was of course a flying fighter jet one. After that we decided to bowl which was a first for Corbin! He did really well but hated using the rolly thingy to help you push the ball down. Peyton got pretty bored and decided to use the tables as a jungle gym. We had so much fun and I am loving all this time we are spending together as a family.

Growing up so fast!

Peyton has been growing up so fast. He seems to want to be one step ahead of what Corbin was when he was this age. At Peyton's 6 month check up I asked his doctor if it was ok that he was doing some of the things he is doing or if its will effect him in the long run and his doctor said it was really good and that he would be fine. Peyton was sitting up at 5 months and crawling at 6. Right when he started crawling he was already wanting to pull himself up on things. This is all so sad for me because he is my baby and he doesn't want to be. Please will someone make him slow down?!

This is a video of him when he was learning how to crawl. I am glad I was able to catch this moment so I can always remember it.

Disney On Ice

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We decided to take Corbin to Disney on Ice this year because Cars was going to be there. Even though Corbin is getting older and not liking the baby stuff anymore. One thing stays the same and that is that he loves Cars! We were a little bummed because Cars was only about 5 min of the whole show, but the cars were pretty big so they couldn't do much. Also there was Little Mermaid, which I like and Lion King which Corbin also liked. I have video of alot of the show, but it takes alot to upload so you only get to see Cars and Little Mermaid. The last half was Tinker Bell and we were all bored, so during that part we sat around and ate Ice cream and cotton candy and took pictures. It was alot of fun being a little family and doing our own thing. Normally we do things like this with my whole family, but it was really nice to have it just us. It was worth the money and some good family bonding time.