Sunday, December 27, 2009

NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!

We finally got a new car!!! YAH!!! After 2 years of driving around in an ugly red Ford Focus, it finally pooped out on us. Not completely pooped out, but enough for us to not want to risk Patrick being stranded somewhere. We are going to fix the Focus so we can have a second car. We had actually been trying to get a loan with our bank so we could try and get a car on KSL, but they kept denying us. We finally decided to go to a dealer ship because we felt we had no other choice. The dealer ship ran our info through to a couple different banks and turns out we got approved through OUR OWN BANK! Seriously?!?! Whatever, I guess as long as we were able to get a car right? Anyways, so the dealer ship we went through was awesome and got us into a great car for a great price! We are super excited about it. We cant believe its ours cause it seems to nice to be ours. We have to remind ourselves that it only seems so nice because our Ford was so awful! These are a couple of pictures of what our car looks like. It looks exactly the same as these just only White. Its a 2008 Saturn Aura. I just haven't had time to take a picture of our own actual car.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Memories

I have to start out by saying that Chirstmas time is a Holiday that is celebrated at our house starting at midight Halloween night. I think its 106.5 That starts playing Christmas music at midnight. Patrick loves Christmas time and I cant blaim him. He loves it so much because it reminds him of his mom and how great she made Christmas before she passed away. Even though they didn't have alot of money, she always made it special for him. So every year I try to make sure Chirstmas is special because I never want to take that feeling away from him. So this year I think I tried even harder and decided since we dont have much money to get lots of presents that we would go do activites that would help put us in the Christmas spirit. I already posted about the Festival of Trees on my last post, but this weekend we decided to go see the Christmas lights at temple square. Because Patrick has great memories of Christmas he really wants to make sure our kids have really good memories too and we feel like Corbin is finally getting to an age were he will remember things. So to make this special for Corbin we decided to take the train to Salt Lake. Corbin is in love with trains (which is kinda funny to me because he only owns 1 little train and like a billion cars and airplanes) He had so much fun waiting for the train, he couldn't hold still. Once we got on the train he just stared out the window for the longest time. He wasn't the biggest fan of seeing the Christmas lights but I guess that was more for me and Patrick. Over all though, it was a great memory that we were able to share with each other and helped us get more into the Chirstmas mood.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Festival of Trees

Patrick and I had the oppertunity this year to go to the Festival of Trees with some friends. I didn't really know much about the Festival of Trees until we got there and it was explained to me more in detail. After walking through all the trees and seeing the trees that were dedicated to little babies and kids and even adults that have either passed away or are still very sick, it made me appreciate how healthy my kids are. I tend to get frustrated when they have colds or ear/eye infections and cant seem to get over it, but seeing and reading about all these kids made me realize how truely blessed I am to have healthy kids. I think it is so awesome what the money goes to. I cant believe how much some of these trees sold for. It really helps put you in the holiday spirit. I wish I would have taken pictures of some of the trees. I was kinda busy chasing Corbin and making sure he wasn't touching the trees. We got scolded when Corbin saw the Lightening Mcqueen tree and ran up and started touching it. Some of our favorites were; of course the Airforce one made up of Airplanes. The BYU one. There was a really cool looking Shrek one that the tree was a palm tree. I loved the all pink one that had everything pink. There was also a really cute one that was made all baby girl. It had a crib with it, a dresser, lots of toys and books, and everything else you can think of that you would need to start a room for a baby girl. It was very cute! We had alot of fun seeing the trees and I think we may be making it a tradition every year to go. It was definatly worth it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I wanted to do some comparison pictures because I was thinking that they kinda looked alike at certain ages, but as I was going through my pictures I realized that they dont look much a like at all. Atleast to me they dont. Tell me what you think.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 months old!

This is a few days late, who cares but me though right?! So my little baby is already 3 months old! Time is flying so fast and quite honestly I dont think its fair!!! Peyton is such a blessing to our family. He has such a great personality and is so much fun. We are starting to see alot of me in Peyton. At his 2 month old check up the doctor told us that he is in the 90% for his height and that if he keeps growing like this then he will probably end up being 6'4. Patrick is pretty proud of that, but we know he gets that from the Hall side. Peyton does really good with sleeping through the night. He only wakes up around 4:00 to eat for about 10 minutes then sleeps again until about 8:00 or 9:00. He is a very happy baby and loves attention. We love him so much and are excited to see how much more he will grow over the next 3 months!
I cant Believe how much he has changed in 3 months

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just for you Tiff!

Tiff and Jas are very big Nerds! After Peyton's blessing we went back to our house and had lunch. Well when Tiff and Jas left they were laughing. I wasn't to sure what was going on because I was so wrapped up in everything else, but later I found lots of retarded pictures in my phone. They I guess were pretty bored so they took my phone and took very random picutres. I posted all the ones of them, but didn't find it necessary to post pictures of my toliet or my clock or all the other weird things they took pictures of. The next day I called Tiff and told her how big of a nerd she was and she told me that later that night, her and Jas couldn't stop laughing at them selves because they thought it was so funny! I am just so glad that my phone could bring them so much joy! I love you guys!

Peyton's Blessing

I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted this day to go and normally I am disappointed because things dont always go how I picture, but today was not one of those days! The day went so perfect! Patrick did such a great job blessing Peyton. After he was done blessing Peyton the bishop leaned over to him and told him that he had never seen a baby just stare at his dad and smile the whole time with so much love. We also had alot of other men that where in the circle tell us that they thought it was cool that Peyton just smiled the whole time. This was a very proud moment for me in my life and I will never forget how I felt. I am so grateful to have my kids. The lord has truely blessed me! After words we had family and friends over for lunch. We had some very yummy food thanks to some some family and friends! I just want to say thanks to all those who helped make this day so special!


Halloween is getting funner for us now that Corbin is old enough to get excited about it. He of course was Optimus Prime and Peyton was A Pea Pod. Corbin loved being Optimus but hated wearing the mask so in most of the pictures he doesn't have his mask on. Me and Tiff tried painting his face to look like Optimus but it looked really bad so we tried washing it off and the blue kinda stained his face so if he looks sick in some of the pictures thats why. We went with Tiff to her wards Trunk or Treat which I thought was a great idea to have it on Halloween! After there we went to my mom's neighborhood. This has become our tradition is seems. We had lots of fun and Corbin got lots of candy!

Birthday Boy!

Corbin turned 3 on October 28th. Its crazy for us to think we have a 3 year old! But he has been so much fun since the minute we got him here. He is so smart and such a sweet boy. He loves to take care of his mommy and his baby brother and he loves to wrestle with his daddy. He is really into super heor this year. Last year it was all cars. Thanks to his grandpa Hall he loves Transformers. His birthday theme this year was Tranformers. For His birthday I took a half day off at work and Patrick and I took him to Fat Cats in Ogden and let him play in the arcade for a while. He was in love with riding the motorcycle. After that we met up with family and went swimming at Surf N Swim. Corb had so much fun. I cant believe next year I will have a 4 year old!